Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

So far this school year, I have been able to get right up when my alarm goes off. This is a new task I have been trying to undertake. Usually I find myself taking any extra minutes for lying in bed that I can which results in me racing out of bed, getting ready in a hurry and hoping that I don't pass any police cars as I race to work. Once at work on these days, I discover that I don't exactly have everything ready because the night before I swore that I didn't have to worry about my work until the morning.

So far this school year I have been getting up on time which has caused me to have everything I need ready before students arrive. Sadly, these last couple of days my exhaustion has caught up with me. I have hit the snooze button on my alarm three days in a row now. This is not good! You can truly see I am ready for Thanksgiving Vacation, not for the enormous amounts of food but for the time to sleep.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Current Update!

So I am beginning to realize that I am not that good at keeping up with this thing. I really don't know why...its not like its really that complicated. The only good excuse I can come up with is time. So, because I am feeling guilty I will provide an update for anyone interested.

I have begun yet another school year teaching at Syracuse Arts Academy in Syracuse, Utah. The students this year are smaller that I remember from years before. 2/3 of my class this year are boys. The main difference in my classroom that I am trying to deal with is the funny smell that lingers through out the day. The girls all appreciate any air freshener that I provide, while the boy smell the air and wonder why it has to smell like flowers and vanilla. Lets ponder a frightening thought for a moment. If my classroom smells funny now, imagin what it will be like in April after my 6th graders mature even more?

On a different note, I took my 3rd degree Brown belt test in Karate on Friday. I totally rocked it! It was very difficult endurance wise. I felt completely confident about my Kata, Forms and Defense Manuvers I was just extremely worried about my abiliy to endure being tortured for hours on end. Once the test got started thought, I found that my energy incresed and my nervousness went away. I even got a compliment from Master Clegg... he told me I had good control.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just right around the corner!

I really don't know who is ready for summer break more, me or the students. Sometime I think it is the students, with their suddenly more obnoxious behaviors and sudden disapproval for everything that we do in class. But the more I think about it I wonder if I am the one who is ready for spring break. Maybe the behavior of my 6th grade students haven't changed that much over the course of ten months. After all, they are full of pre-teen hormones ready to expload at any moment. At any rate, I am so glad that there are 17 days left....yes I am counting down!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Where Have I Been?

I guess I have been completely in the dark for some time now because I just discovered a whole new world on the internet. What a great way to stay in touch of family and friends! Living way over here in Utah, away from my family in California, I don't get the opportunity to see my nieces grow up. So, for the delight of staying in contact with family and friends, I have just joined the blog world. Thank you Jessica for introducing blogspot to me, otherwise I guess I would have to rely purely on the families punctual picture sending skills.